Body contouring (Skin Tightening)

Body contouring (Skin Tightening)

After losing a great deal of weight, you may now want to show of your more slender body but struggle with excess skin. In this case, a body lift can get you warm weather clothing ready.

Who is a good candidate for a body lift?

A body lift is performed to address excess loose and sagging skin and irregular contours of the:

A surgical body lift improves the shape and tone of the underlying tissue that supports fat and skin. Excess skin is removed and dimpled, irregular skin can be improved. Body lifts are not intended strictly for the removal of excess fat.

A body lift is appropriate for people who are of stable weight that is reasonably proportionate to their height and body frame. For women who may be considering future pregnancies, it may be preferable to postpone abdominal body lift since later pregnancy may diminish results. Body lift procedures may be performed on adults of any age who have realistic goals in mind for improvement of their body contour.

What is involved in a body lift?

For your body lift surgery, which can last from two to five hours, you will be given a general anesthetic. To achieve overall lower body slimming, incisions around the circumference of your midsection in the natural folds of your skin. He will then remove the excess tissue and use liposuction to remove any excess fat deposits. When the skin has been tightened, he will close the incisions with sutures and apply a dressing and compression garment.

What are the recovery steps?

After your surgery, you will likely experience swelling and pain for which. Your total recovery time may be up to six weeks, during which time you will be expected to wear the compression garment.

Though the scars from your surgery will fade over time, they may not disappear completely. However, most patients accept this as a welcomed trade-off to the loose, hanging skin that was once around their lower body.