Breast Enlargement Using Lipofiling

Breast Enlargement Using Lipofiling

(Natural breast enlargement with your own fat)

Breast lipofilling consists of reinjection of your own fat into your breasts to increase breast volume. It is a natural breast augmentation method, without breast prostheses, so a breast augmentation without surgery.

Advantages and disadvantages of natural breast enlargement

Advantages of lipofilling

Your own body fat is a soft and natural filler

Lower risk of rejection

Natural result

Any scars are barely noticeable

No foreign bodies, no prosthesis

Liposuction and a breast enhancement can both be performed in a single procedure

Disadvantages of lipofilling

The procedure only offers a small increase in size

Maximum 1 to 1.5 cups larger

Several treatments may be required

Is breast lipofilling right for you?

Small breasts - small enhancement

 A lipofilling breast enhancement is mainly used in patients that desire a small breast enhancement with a natural result. If you prefer a natural filler instead of an artificial implant then lipofilling offers you the perfect solution.

Asymmetrical breasts

If the breasts are clearly asymmetrical then lipofilling - adding volume - can achieve the right balance.

The added benefit of a simultaneous liposuction

This is preferably harvested from the abdomen, the legs or the hips. The plastic surgeon will determine precisely how many ccs can be harvested during your consultation. 

How it is done 

The fat cells are harvested from an area where there is adequate fat in your body. You can discuss our preferred area with Dr Wessam in the preoperative consultation.

 The harvested fat cells are process through extraction of excess fluid and acquiring the desired cells. 

The chosen amount is then inserted, through ten or so fine channels under the skin using a fat grafting cannula.

 Post operative care 

After your surgery you will need to rest for several days and avoid lifting anything. You will wear a special compression bra while you are recovering.