Jaw Sculpting and the Nefertiti Neck Lift

Jaw Sculpting and the Nefertiti Neck Lift

 A beautiful neck and well defined jaw are very desired features that indicate femininity ,youth, health, and beauty. 

  In the 14th Century BC, Queen Nefertiti was known for her outstanding beauty and sculpted neck lines. 

With the modern advancements in cosmetic surgery there are many ways to achieve a more sculpted jaw line and smooth feminine neck without performing surgery.

   Injectable fillers are the first step. They work very well for enhancing the jaw line. When volume is added, your bone structure is improved and creates a stronger and clearer line. 

   Botox is the second step as it can further improve overall appearance by sculpting the jaw and neckline after you have received your filler injections.  

  The Nefertiti neck lift is done by injecting botox around the jawline and down the neck into the Platysma muscle (the muscle which pulls the jaw downwards). 

  When the botox is injected, the muscles on the upper face become stronger and naturally lift the face upwards. 

This gives a final result of a tighter, more youthful face, and an elegant and defined neck and jawline.

When you come in for a consultation with Dr Wessam, he will evaluate your bone structure and cosmetic goals talking to you about what you wish to achieve, and which products will be right for you.

Before injection

A full medical history will be obtained before any filling. 

Do not take any over the counter medicines or herbal remedies before surgery or for 3 days following. Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen and Voltarol based tablets. 

It would be useful to bring a list of any prescribed medications to your pre-op assessment.

We recommend you come in 30 minutes prior to treatment if you so we can apply numbing pain. (To reduce any pain you might feel)

After injection

We prefer that you not massage the injection sites or press the filler into the skin. Allow yourself a week before evaluating the results of the filler.